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Coordinator's Message

Political Science

Dear students,

Political Science (PS) ranges across diverse areas of socio-political and economic inquiry. As a field of study, it is interconnected with different disciplines in social sciences and humanities. Students explore the ideas of great thinkers, war and peace, political systems, political parties, the system of governance, political participation, comparative politics, political economy, human rights, citizenship, international relations, international law, diplomacy, foreign policy, and security. The Political Core courses in international relations, diplomacy, and security studies enrich our Political Science program. We offer a number of specialized courses and thus cover all major fields in political science, including political theory, comparative politics, international politics, international relations, and public policy. Our students cover these fields in the context of the domestic and international politics and issues.

Program Coordinator

Full Professor
Dr. Muhidin Mulalić

Political Science students study their specialized courses by exploring international socio-political, economic, and media-related subjects and issues. In addition to substantive knowledge that is acquired in the English language, students complete the number of elective and supportive courses through which they look at politics from historical, sociological, and cultural perspectives. These courses provide to students the holistic knowledge which is, in turn, inevitable for the acquisition of critical, creative, analytical and communication skills. Political Science program highly considers the ever-changing world and a need for proactive leadership, whereby our majors have knowledge, skills, and abilities to explore problems from different perspectives. In today’s world where there is a high demand for leadership positions in the public, non-governmental, corporate and public sectors, our graduates can compete and occupy such positions. 

The Political Science program is at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS), which stresses liberal arts, digital media, creative writing, literature, research and policy analysis, and psycho-social aspects of knowledge. The Political Science program provides minor courses in these well-integrated FASS disciplines and as such is very unique in the Western Balkans. These courses are cross-listed, and they are offered every semester to our students. Our graduates especially acknowledge that minor courses, linguistic skills, writing skills, and research abilities made a major contribution to their success in the second study cycle of their education journey and in the job market. 

We also provide our students with extracurricular activities, programs, training, field trips, student’s conferences and participation in Erasmus+ exchange programs. For the purpose of strengthening internationalization, we offer a dual degree program with Istanbul University, whereby we encourage our students to spend two years of their study abroad. 

Our professors possess very rich international experience and they have completed their doctoral studies abroad, mostly in the English language. Besides their knowledge in the field, they are also dedicated to their teaching professions and have a passion for the student and public good.      
We welcome you to explore Political Science program to pave your future in private, corporate, public and non-governmental sectors.  

Full Professor Dr. Muhidin Mulalić

Political Sciences Program Coordinator

Political Science

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Political Science

"Every election is determined by the people who show up."

- Larry J. Sabato