PhD Study

Political Science (SPS) Ph.D. program offers a comprehensive and integrated doctoral degree that emphasizes socio-political knowledge, research and policy analysis. The program provides a sound knowledge, analytical tools and methodological training and offers rich specialization possibilities, especially by the completion of the dissertation. The program aims to educate, train and produce high quality social and political sciences researchers, analysts and policy makers. With a thematic concentration on Europe and the Balkans, the program stands out in South East Europe. 

Upon the completion of this doctoral program candidates will become research experts and policy analysts who will be able to research and analyze various social and political topics. They will possess excellent critical and analytical abilities especially in relating theory with contemporary issues and case studies. 

Goals and objectives of the study program:

  • To educate, train and produce high quality social and political sciences researchers, analysts and policy makers;
  • To produce area specialists who possess knowledge, skills and research abilities by both course work and the dissertation;
  • To focus on current issue research and policy analysis related to political sciences, sociology and history;
  • To offer interdisciplinary curriculum and supervision to meet students demands in terms of knowledge, research and policy skills;
  • To emphasize on student’s abilities to critically assess gained knowledge and the research data in the process of writing research projects, policy papers and the dissertation;
  • To advance student’s knowledge of sociological and political theories about social change, civil society, democratization and various social movements;
  • To enhance students’ socio-political knowledge in the European Union and the Balkans. 

After the successful completion of a PhD studies in Political Sciences, the student will be able to:

  • apply knowledge, skills and research abilities in social and political sciences, especially in the area of narrow specialization by the dissertation;
  • initiate, plan, design and implement research and policy papers in social and political sciences;
  • analyse, assess, evaluate and synthesize complex ideas related to social and political sciences;
  • communicate effectively in presenting research and academic ideas of expertise in the class and to the wider circles of the academic community;
  • identify and resolve both theoretical and methodological problems;
  • critically analyse and evaluate various socio-political issues related to the European Union and the Balkans;
  • make an original contribution to the field through the completion of an original dissertation. 

PS Curricula