PS Master Study

This program is purposefully designed for students who have already completed their bachelor degree in Political Sciences or related disciplines. Based on previously acquired analytical, critical and creative skills this graduate program will focus on research and policy analysis. Since PS undergraduate students have already gained interdisciplinary knowledge in political sciences, sociology and history, they will easily follow advanced courses related to European and Balkan Studies. This program is especially attractive for candidates from Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as both countries have gone through unique socio-political and economic changes and transformations. Both countries are in the process of fulfilling the EU requirements and they are in need of experts in both European and Balkan studies. Therefore, there is demand for such graduates in the governmental sector, business, NGOs, education, media and others.

European Studies examine the context of regional integration processes and actual functioning of the European Union. This program will introduce students to the historical, political, social and economic aspects of the integration processes. Students will also be equipped with statistical and research skills necessary for conducting research related to European policy-making, security, political and economic systems.

Balkan Studies curriculum is designed in such a way as to introduce students to the historical, socio-political and economic aspects of the region. Transnational approaches in the study of the Balkans highlight diverse, multicultural and multiethnic features of the region. This program will equip students with the statistical and methodological skills and knowledge necessary for conducting research and policy studies related to the Balkans.


  • To enhance students’ knowledge of European history, culture and civilization;
  • To introduce students to European economic, socio-political, legal and strategic systems;
  • To ensure that students learn about the main features of EU and the process of integration;
  • To introduce students with the history, culture and civilization of the Balkans;
  • To explore geopolitical, economic, socio-political and legal characteristics of the Balkan states;
  • To introduce students with the comparative economic, legal and political integration processes of the Balkan states;
  • To provide students with the knowledge and skills as to prepare them for their studies at the doctoral level;
  • To enhance students’ knowledge related to the issues of international relations, global political economy, diplomacy, foreign policy and security.

After the successful completion of master studies in Political Studies, the student will be able to:

  • interpret European history, culture and civilisation and to relate it to present-day EU;
  • conduct research related to European economic, socio-political, legal and strategic systems;
  • assess processes of integration of candidate status countries and especially of Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • analyse integration processes of the Balkan states by dealing with the current research themes;
  • demonstrate leadership skills and knowledge at both the private and the public sectors;
  • employ diplomatic, foreign policy and security knowledge and skills;
  • analyse political and socio-economic features of the EU and the Balkan countries;
  • comprehend trends and developments in international politics, economics, diplomacy, foreign policy and law.

PS Curricula